Tonali, a Newcastle player, will ‘denounce himself’ in order to have his three-year suspension reduced in half.

Newcastle midfielder Sandro Tonali will ‘denounce himself’ in order to’stem the damage’ as he faces a lengthy ban from football due to betting offenses.

Tonali was ordered home from international duty on Friday after being questioned by authorities at the Azzurri’s training facility regarding his role in a betting scandal, along with Aston Villa loanee Nicolo Zaniolo and Juventus’ Nicolo Fagioli.

Before Tonali and Zaniolo’s names were released, Fagioli was the first player implicated by the Italian press, and it has been claimed that the trio bet against their own side while playing in Serie A.

After being proven to have violated Italian legislation, they might face a global ban of more than three years.

Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Tonali is expected to appear in front of federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chine next week to’stem the damage’ and ‘denounce himself’ in an attempt to lower the suspension, according to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

Following questioning last week, the midfielder’s phone was seized, and Tonali’s lawyers met with the prosecutor’s office over the weekend.

They have apparently agreed that Tonali will plead to placing football bets and receive a plea agreement similar to the one reached by Fagioli, halving the ban.

Fagioli reportedly informed investigators that Tonali gave him an unlawful app found on his phone, but when questioned if the Newcastle star bets on football, Fagioli answered, “I don’t know if he [Tonali] bets on football.”

According to Corriere della Sera, Tonali is ’embarrassed’ to be visiting a therapist for his gambling problem.


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