Los Angeles Chargers head coach confirms the return of key player

The Los Angeles Chargers get a key young player back from injury on October 19.
Chargers Otito Ogbonnia has activated the 21-day window and is ready to contribute.
What is its impact on the rest of the season?
The Chargers lost fifth-round rookie Otito Ogbonnia seven games into his rookie year in 2022.
He suffered a similar injury to the current Chargers’ infamous signee, J.C.
With a ruptured left patellar tendon, Ogbonnia had a long recovery and has only just recovered.
On October 19, the former UCLA defensive tackle activated the 21-day period, and next week will mark the third week of practice since he was activated.

That said, how impactful is this young defensive tackle now that he’s returned from his gruesome injury?

Los Angeles Chargers Get a Young Key Role Player Back From Injury, Otito Ogbonnia Before The Injury Otito Ogbonnia was drafted in the fifth round by the Chargers in 2022 and was relied upon to be a rotational defensive line weapon.
Ogbonnia has the strength and size to play nose tackle, which he did for 62 of his 138 snaps.
He also possesses the quickness and burst to be a good three-technique and was called upon to do so 57 times.
During the stretch of his season, Ogbonnia recorded four pressures, four hurries, five stops, and 11 tackles.
Unfortunately for Ogbonnia, he suffered a ruptured patellar tendon and was immediately placed on injured reserve.
He continued to nurse the painful injury throughout the season, and the Chargers even selected his eventual replacement, Scott Matlock, in the sixth round.
Having played almost the same number of times as Otito before his injury, Matlock has yet to accomplish the same feat.
He hasn’t been impressive so far, but for a sixth-round rookie, he’s also not a liability.


Now that Otito Ogbonnia is coming back from his injury, he and Matlock will be fighting for snaps.
Matlock has more athletic ability and burst as he is nearly 25 pounds lighter, being more of a third-down three-technique.
Ogbonnia, on the other hand, is more of a nose tackle hybrid, playing more on rundowns and doing so impressively.
Ogbonnia will likely play more of a Nick Williams role, as Matlock has been more of a Sebastian Joseph-Day type of player, at least in alignment.
The Chargers would greatly benefit if Ogbonnia could bring some more interior pass rush.
Outside of Morgan Fox, the Chargers’ interior defensive linemen are just average and a change would have an impact.
Ogbonnia could ease the load on Joseph-Day, Williams and someone like the aforementioned Austin Johnson.
Keeping them rested will help the team have a fresher rotation and play better overall.
Who is likely to be eliminated to make way for Otito Ogbonnia? Chris Hinton

Since we’re only on the defensive side of Ogbonnia’s elimination candidates, Chris Hinton would make the most sense.

The Chargers didn’t need seven interior defensive linemen and cut Hinton early this offseason.
Hinton is a very solid rotation defender for the Bolts in 2022 and has had a solid preseason as well.
Unfortunately, he’s sixth on the depth chart and has yet to record a single defensive play.
Tanner Muse The same story applies to the Chargers’ sixth-string quarterback, Tanner Muse.
Muse is a very good special teams player and has been very good this season for the Chargers, but having six cornerbacks is a sin in building a team in today’s NFL.
The Chargers already have good depth at linebacker, and the linebacker most likely to be cut is Muse.
The return of Otito Ogbonnia from the Chargers will be very helpful for this Chargers defensive line in getting some rest and a stronger rotation.
However, other interior defenders like Matlock, Williams and Hinton all stand in Ogbonnia’s way, especially as he is coming back from a very serious lower-body injury.
The Chargers will also have to cut someone, so with the good comes the bad.
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