Penrith Panthers QB died just now

Horrific details emerge of the death threat package sent to NRL club’s CEO

Penrith Panthers chief executive Brian Fletcher was subjected to a vile death threat in which a deranged man sent razor blades, used condoms and white powder in an envelope.

Fletcher spent last week holed up at home for protection before returning to his high-profile role at premiers Penrith on Monday.

He immediately informed the NRL and Panthers chairman Peter Graham.

Fletcher, who has presided over Penrith’s back-to-back premiership success, described the bizarre incident “disturbing, scary and confronting.”

“I came to work on Friday morning the week before last and when I got there the mail was delivered. It gets put on each manager’s desk because this (Panthers) is such a big place,” Fletcher said to The Daily Telegraph.

“When I came to my office I had a letter – along with some other mail – addressed to ‘Brian Fletcher, CEO of the Panthers’. I naturally opened it and it had all this weird stuff in it.

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