When Patrick Bamford scored a handball goal against Rotherham, the referee told him something.

Patrick Bamford scored one of the most controversial goals of the season for Leeds earlier this term.

Indeed, in his very own Diego Maradona moment, Bamford elbowed the ball into the net against The Millers, and remarkably, the goal was allowed to stand.


As Leeds fans know, there’s no VAR in the Championship, and somehow, both the referee and the linesman missed this one.

Speaking on the My Mate’s A Footballer Podcast, Bamford has now shared the details around this goal, and he says that he actually admitted to the handball at half-time in the tunnel to the referee.

Patrick Bamford spoke with the referee about his handball

The striker discussed this incident.

“The goal was already given and afterwards one of the players asked me if I handballed it and I said ‘yeah’, and the referee said ‘did it touch your hand?’ And I said no, because it touched my elbow. I said no it didn’t touch my hand. At half-time he spoke to me in the tunnel and he said to me ‘did you use your arm to put it in?’ I was like ‘I’ll be honest with you, it came off my elbow, but don’t hold it against us.’ And he said ‘it’s not my job to balance it up, I couldn’t see and I didn’t want to guess and disallow a goal, but I appreciate your honesty.’” Bamford said.

Didn’t matter

While a handball goal isn’t fair, ultimately, we can’t say this one mattered too much.

Leeds battered Rotherham 3-0 on the day, and an early goal from Bamford wasn’t exactly a tide-turner.

There’s a reason Leeds are top of the league and Rotherham are bottom, and regardless of whether or not this goal was given, Leeds probably would’ve won on the day.

Fair play to Bamford for admitting to this incident, but, ultimately, there wasn’t much harm done here.

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