Full News; Newcastle’s CEO, Darren Eales, has released a five-year plan aimed at making the club a global player.

Newcastle United takeover: Who are the new owners of the Tyneside club? |  Business News | Sky NewsNewcastle CEO Darren Eales met with the new Fan Advisory Board late last month, and the notes from the meeting have just been released.

We covered earlier today what CEO Darren Eales said about the possible expansion of St. James’ Park and the study on that is expected to be released next month.

This is some of what CEO Darren Eales said about Newcastle’s ambitions for the future:

“We’re going to build a results-driven, world-class, sustainable organization that consistently achieves top-six status for men’s and women’s teams and wins major trophies, within the next five years.”

“The club’s revenue growth over the last two seasons and into this season has been incredible.”

“Off the pitch, because we started from a low revenue base, we are still a long way behind the top six in the Premier League.”

“Since we can only spend a percentage of revenue, we always look to spend the maximum we can on the team within the Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR).

“This means it is vital that we look at ways to raise revenue streams, whether through matchday, St. James’ STACK, commercial partnerships, retail/merchandise, tours, hospitality and events.”

Those are positive statements from Darren Eales, and they will help keep some of our top players at Newcastle on the journey to our club becoming a world-class team and organization.

They will also help us to recruit new players this summer.

But it will be important for Newcastle to get enough points in our final 10 league games so we can offer players  European football next season, even if it’s the Europa Conference.

That may be difficult given our current position of 10th in the league.

Premier League Table 2023-2024Newcastle United takeover: Who are the new owners of the Tyneside club? |  Business News | Sky News

Position Team Played Won Lost Drawn GD Points
8 Brighton 28 11 8 9 6 42
9 Wolves 28 12 11 5 -2 41
10 Newcastle 28 12 12 4 11 40
11 Chelsea 27 11 10 6 2 39
12 Fulham 29 11 13 5 -1 38


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